Marty Rogers, president of Rogers & Associates has two generations of real estate auction background with a deep appreciation for the concept of “Farm & Ranch”. It’s much more than dirt and we will never degrade it by using the term for America’s most valuable asset.  Just like people, farms and ranches have a unique personality with tremendous emotional appeal to an inclined buyer.  We are able to “decode” each property’s personality by utilizing our Seven Step unique and highly proprietary research process.  With your property’s personality defined, Rogers & Associates identifies demographic and psycholographic profiles of buyers who will resonate logically and emotionally with your property. Rogers & Associates then develops a compelling “Buyer’s Identity” which ownership of your property will bestow on this new potential buyer.

Triggers are then developed in the form of marketing messages targeted for specific channels of communications or media buys. This process will attract potential buyers who will resonate on all levels with your farm.  

The Auction Event is conducted in such a way to fire the triggers so that buyers will recognize and respond to your property’s rational and emotional value. The buyer comes away highly satisfied because they “won” their desired property, their new identity has become a reality and is validated by the competition of the other bidders in the auction crowd.