Rogers & Associates for Premier Properties

Our $28.5 million sale to Oprah is just one example of what we do at Rogers & Associates! And you, too, can attract a buyer like Oprah who will understand the “True Value” of your premier property — when you use Rogers & Associates as your partner. And we’re the only company in the world that can make that happen for you.

Why? Because “True Value” represents your property’s “Rational” or appraised value, together with its “Emotional” value (Rational + Emotional = TRUE VALUE). True Value will be 10–30% higher than appraised value!

You Have Three Choices:

  1. List your property with a traditional broker and then: (a) wait, (b) reduce your price, (c) rack up property holding expenses, (d) wait some more, (e) reduce your price even more, and then (f) finally sell at a distressed price.
  2. Use a traditional auction company to sell your property and hope that your property falls in the 20–25% of successful sales most achieve selling premier property.
  3. Or you can travel the path of wisdom and sell your property for its “True Value” with Rogers & Associates.

The Traditional Broker Path

Premier property, luxury property, or destination property. There are many labels to describe a very unique and almost always custom-built home. The uniqueness of these lovely “one-of-a-kind” properties becomes a double-edged sword. They create a very special challenge for a conventional sales method. For starters, pricing the property for a traditional listing like the MLS is almost impossible due to the fact that there are no other comparable properties on which to make a pricing comparison — it’s a one-of-a-kind property. Secondly, the market segment interested in purchasing this kind of unique property is quite small and diverse. And finally, the local market is unlikely to provide the right buyers for such a unique property.

Traditional Auction Company

All auction companies tout these advantages of an auction sale: (1) accelerated marketing, (2) creation of urgency in the buyer, (3) certainty of date of sale — that is, auction day. They’ll usually also tout their worldwide marketing approach or their proprietary database of buyers (which, for almost all auction companies, is a complete fiction). What each of these traditional auction companies does is exactly or very nearly the same thing, and it results in only a 20–25% success rate at or below the appraised price.

Rogers & Associates Solution

Rogers & Associates uses a proprietary and unique process that “decodes” your property’s personality then uses principles or “archetypology” to attract and incentivize the potential buyers who are a match for it.

Since fully implementing the Rogers & Associates True Value process three years ago, we have sold 100% of the properties we have accepted into the program AND they have all sold for 10–30% MORE than appraised value.


Contact Marty Rogers for more details about selling your property for its “True Value.” Travel the path of wisdom, go with Rogers & Associates !