Rogers & Associates for Brokers

Rogers & Associates is transforming the selling process! And we’re doing this by merging the traditional auction process with the best practices of the high-end brokerage industry.

Through two decades of innovation, we have developed our proprietary True Value process to address the challenges of selling truly unique, high-end premier property. Our True Value process represents a complete paradigm shift in the way luxury properties can be sold.

The Rogers & Associates Value sale is a completely different model than our competitors use. Our method starts with a structured sale process, a model similar to the ones used to sell intellectual property and patents, as well as professional sports franchises. We develop a specific and unique “Playbook” for each property and identify the buyer pool that will respond to the Property Personality Profile. Once the desired buyers are identified and attracted to the property, we finalize the True Value process with the The Rogers & Associates selling event. Please check out the process details on our The Rogers & Associates Process page.

As a broker representing high-end clients, you know how difficult it can be to develop an accurate value estimate based on comparable sales data for a one-of-a-kind property. In most cases, the data just is not available. It’s the definition of a truly unique property: there are no other ones like it!

So you can shoot from the hip and “guess” at the value or make a value estimate based on your “experience in the market,” or you can simply use the tried-and-true method of setting the price high with the expectation that “we can always come down.” But these methods will, ultimately, have a devastating effect on perceived property value, increase owner expenses, and reduce sales price—leading to unhappy clients and reduced commissions.

Dan Encell
Rogers & Associates has paid $288,850 in broker co-op fees to Dan Encell, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices #3 Agent Worldwide.

By partnering with The Rogers & Associates and implementing the True Value process, you’ll maximize the value of your client’s property. Our broker partners have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral fees and broker commissions, over $500,000 in referral fees.

Follow the path of wisdom and allow The Rogers & Associates to help. We’ll work closely with you through each stage of the process, and we’ll always recommend the best actions to meet your client’s goals and objectives.

Thank you for considering The Rogers & Associates! For more information, please contact Marty Rogers. You can call or text him at 641-750-8863. Or email him at