Judy Rogers

Judy has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry with Rogers & Associates as the marketing and event coordinator. She has managed over 3,000 sales events and multiple property campaigns with marketing budgets in access of $100,000. Judy is a licensed real estate agent and a Certified Estate Specialist (CES). She has seven years of sales experience with Saks Corp. where she received their Hall of Fame award for three consecutive years, and a Cornerstone award for Selling Excellence in a 5‐state region.

She is a graduate of Central Wyoming College, in Riverton, Wyoming, with degrees in electronics, marketing and accounting.

Judy is a company principle and services as one our top sale members. She is highly proficient in every aspect of high end real estate sales including customer satisfaction, team building and mentoring. She is consistently our top performer.

For a tremendous selling experiences please give Judy a call or email:


C. 406-925-2889

O. 800-641-6520

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