True Value Process! | Rogers & Associates

We have learned that all high-value farms, ranches, and luxury estates have something of extreme value in common. They all have a unique personality that defines their past history and future potential. When the right buyer finds them, that buyer is willing to pay more. That’s because the buyer resonates with the property’s personality. It’s called the “emotional factor,” and it can play a major role in increasing your property’s value if you use Rogers & Associates.

The Rogers & Associates True Value formula is simple: Rational Value + Emotional Value = True Value.

All of our competitors will try to sell your property for its appraised (or rational) value. But only Rogers & Associates has the background and expertise to sell your property for its True Value, and we’ve developed a proprietary process to make it happen.

Our process uses 5 key steps to deliver your property’s True Value:

1. Decode the unique “Personality” of your property

Through interviews with owners, research, and analysis we decode the Personality that is unique to your property. This becomes the foundation information that guides the other process steps and decisions.

2. Develop the Buyer Profile

Every buying decision is comprised of two components: (1) rational and (2) emotional. The “rational” component represents the buyer’s logical needs, while the “emotional” one represents the potential of the property to fulfill the buyer’s dreams. Understanding both of these components is necessary to strategically map the path between your property and the identity of its ideal buyer.

3. Define key marketing messages

Our messages are highly focused to cut through the clutter of daily marketing bombardment. When the buyers we’ve identified are exposed to our marketing messages, they will say to themselves, “Hey they’re talking about me!” These messages are designed to elicit the sort of emotional responses that’ll make potential buyers take the steps to find out more.

Rogers & Associates has won marketing awards, our  first-place award  is just one mark of our excellence at designing outstanding marketing programs for our properties.

4. Deploy marketing messages through demographic and psychographic channels.

Our select marketing channels and laser messaging is designed to bring many participants to the Rogers & Associates Sales event. Each potential buyer is drawn to acquire the property that resonates with their identity and their dreams for their future.

5. Deployment of the Rogers & Associates Sales event

The sale is strategically staged based on what’s been identified as the right magnet for potential buyers during the True Value! process. The event may be a private offering, or it may be any combination of a live auction, online auction, or simulcast that pairs a live and online auction. Or it may be multiple rounds of bidding with the high bidders emerging to compete in a final round of bidding. Whichever method is deployed, it will deliver the highest possible price for your property on sale day.

The Bottom Line

You will get traditional value from auction companies or your local broker. But True Value is only delivered by Rogers & Associates. The difference could represent hundreds of thousands — and sometimes even millions — of dollars. The right decision is to travel the path of wisdom and go with Rogers & Associates.

To find out more how Rogers & Associates will benefit you, please contact us.